The Board Of Directors

What brought us to service at Community Re-Entry Place Inside/Out?

Steve Winans

My desire and reasons for being involved with I/O is to give back to my community. To give to people in need with the desire to help themselves. I have 30 years sober, with out giving back I can not keep what I have. I have to work at removing the selfishness from my life. To be of service goes a long way in doing that. God Bless Steve Winans


Steve Giuliano

My life’s journey has brought me to Inside/Out with a purpose to serve my brothers and sisters. I no longer wonder what God’s will is for me. I wake up each day with a heart of adventure listening for His guidance.

The Lord’s grace has come from paths I have chosen with out Him. He has led me from many addictions, only after I have embraced his love. I lived the broken heart and soul landing in ICU wards and yes jail with felony charges.

I am finally at peace with myself and the world around me because today I choose God.

Peace, Steve / Isaiah 40:31


Christopher Dierker

I joined Inside / Out as an extension of our work with the Prison Fellowship CRT team. It was clear that there was a need for ex-offenders to get their feet on the ground and help make their transition to freedom as successful as possible. Inside / Out will be a good step forward in that direction for women in CO.

Thanks, Chris


Ellen Toomey-Hale

I joined CRPIO because re-entry is an issue I am passionate about. We get calls daily at the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition from frustrated ex-offenders, their families, and friends asking for help in finding transitional housing, employment, and support services. CRPIO provides all of these from a christian perspective which is very important to me.


Dennis Connor

What brought me here to CRPIO?

When I first met Debby and Steve Winans, our meeting was due to a referral for professional services. I could see that the Jesus is doing a powerful work of grace in their lives and in the outreach of CRPIO. I am impressed by Debby’s vision of the Lord’s calling to build an organization for giving real life assistance to people at a difficult transition to recovering their freedom — a perfect opening for God’s grace! As we talked, excitement to be more involved with the ministry arose within me, I felt what I believe is the Holy Spirit moving me join toward the vision of CRPIO. So, since we’d just met, I didn’t ask the Winans if I could sign up for anything; it seemed too forward. Instead, I began praying for an opportunity to invest myself in addition to assisting through financial and professional partnership. Then the door opened to the BOD; later, an opportunity came for encouraging the men in the first men’s home. So far, each small step toward CRPIO has been an answer to prayer. The Lord keeps fulfilling my excitement for the CRPIO vision, the leaders, the clients and especially for the men. May you all be richly blessed in the knowledge that you are highly favored and deeply loved in the Lord Jesus Christ! Col. 1:9-14


Debbie Troeger

I have so enjoyed the past several months volunteering and getting to know the women and your heart for this ministry! I Believe we share a passion for helping, women in particularly, experience Gods love for them and see it change their lives.
I believe that my past has given me a heart and
compassion for this population as well. I believe we share a vision of what God is doing and how
He is moving to show Himself and to bring, not only emotional healing but physical healing as well.
I believe that with my training and education I can be an asset in this arena. I have a bachelors of science in Financial Management
From MO University, a Masters degree from Colorado Christian University. I have been trained and specialized in sexual abuse issues.
I am a trained clinical hypnotherapist. I use this in my work with abuse issues as well as smoking cessation and eating disorders.
I am also trained in neuro feedback and have been using that in my practice for the last three years. I have seen it help individuals
suffering from ADHD, Insomnia, Addictions, and Anxiety to name a few.
I also enjoy speaking and organizing events. I believe that as a team, bringing our passion and love for God and this population together
we can make it happen!
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